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Christian Relationship Counseling

We offer relationship counseling in English and Spanish to couples that are married or engaged and individuals experiencing a broken relationship. 


Faith is not just integrated into our counseling for comfort or to encourage moral values. Our counseling is Christian because Christianity  is the strongest explanation for understanding our world;  its harsh realities and its  beautiful truths.  No other perspective or worldview can more completely identify and remedy our brokenness to bring healing. 


We are all image bearers of a relational God that has always existed in relationship and is the reference, model and ultimate source for love. It is the reason our counseling is solely focused on relationship issues. We are created for relationships and need them healthy and whole to fully live. 


Our counseling is based on a systematic approach that has demonstrated to be effective in over 100 studies. It has proven to be effective for marriages on the verge of divorce and provide enrichment to relationships for a life time of love. Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy has proven in over 30 years of empirical research to have over 70% of couples report a recovery rate from marital distress in 10 to 12 sessions of therapy (Jacobson et al., 1984). 90% of couples report significant improvement in relationship satisfaction in comparison to a 35% success rate for more traditional couple therapies (Jacobson et al., 1984). In most cases, couples do not relapse after therapy ends, unlike alternative behavioral approaches (Jacobsen & Addis, 1993).

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Our counseling is short term, based on how well it works! 

8-20 sessions or 3-6 months with supportive services on average is the amount of time it takes for couples to start to heal and enrich their relationships and no longer feel distressed. 

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As a result of counseling being provided by pre-licensed psychotherapist and graduate students supervised by a licensed professional, we are able to make quality and effective counseling more accessible .  Moreover, our approach to couple therapy generally has a low drop out rate and restores relationships in two to five months. This could result in  avoiding the start and stop of therapy which can be costly beyond any monetary value. 



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