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What happens in a typical couple counseling session?

The goal of your therapist is not to help you and your spouse/betrothed fight more fairly or negotiate more equitably and increase satisfaction with one another. The goal is to create a secure emotional bond with your spouse/betrothed. The end result will bring about more satisfaction, intimacy, trust and all the other benefits of experiencing a more secure bond with one another within 8 to 20 sessions.

The research results of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) have given us a reliable way to follow this process and recreate or develop for the first time a secure bond with your partner as God has intended and purposed for you to have.   

The wisdom and truth of the Bible with the science and research of EFT gives your therapist a map to find and discover what matters most in your intimate relationship, help you understand and provide clarity as to how your relationship works and goes wrong, and ultimately find what is needed to rightly restore your relationship.

What happens in a typical individual counseling session?

Relationship counseling for individuals is appropriate for anyone that is experiencing relational problems with a family member, friend, co-worker, etc. This relationship distress may be with someone that is actively in your life, estranged or deceased.  Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) will address the aftermath of  negative relationships and issues or concerns related to one's ability to connect with others.

Your therapist will use EFIT to consistently promote safety that creates an environment for you to have a corrective emotional experience. You'll explore ways to be vulnerable with yourself and others that you have not experienced before. Moreover, your therapist will enable you to experience life's biggest questions and doubts from the security, level ground and hope that lies within a Biblical Worldview. 

EFIT echoes and holds the position that we find in the Bible, that we are made for relationships. When we have been wounded by our attachment figures who were supposed to fulfill their role to provide safety and support it presents an opportunity for us grow or creates dysfunction.