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We are so excited that you are here!

Firstly, we want to say thank you for visiting our blog. We are so overwhelmed with God's goodness and how His Spirit has guided us to share our hearts, expertise, experiences and His wisdom so that you may better understand God, yourself and others.

We are made for relationships because we bear the image of a Relational God. This truth is evident in Scripture and has been demonstrated in over 30 years of  Attachment Science research; this means that there is a reliable way we can predict and prevent disconnection. We plan to share how to do just that on our blog!

Please, consider subscribing to better understand why we bear the image of a Relational God, the impact of this and learn:

• Why relationships matter so much to us

• Why we do the crazy things we do in relationships

• Why others do the crazy things they do in relationships

• How to rightly restore connection in your relationship with God & others



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Made For Relationships

Why do we play the blame game?


13 April 2021

Have you ever wondered why we play the blame game? We often are perplexed about witnessing this...we often observe it in our little ones. It doesn't take more than a second for our kiddos to cast blame on each other or even on us as their parents when confronted about the fall out of a poor choice. As quickly as we begin to shake our heads in disbelief, we are stunned and given pause

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We are made for relationships!

Made For Relationships

Did you know you are made for realtionships?


08 April 2021

Have you ever wondered why we care about relationships so much? If we are in fact image bearers of a Triune God (and we 100% are) this means that He has purposed for us to image Him. If we are purposed to image Him, this has to be relationally. . . if you are unsure of this, consider The Greatest Commandments.

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